New Samaritan Corporation (NSC), based in Connecticut, is the foremost non-profit provider of affordable housing with or without supportive services as appropriate. NSC is the largest multi-site affordable housing network in the State of Connecticut, and has additional sites in Massachusetts. The NSC portfolio also includes a licensed, skilled nursing facility, the Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, in Mansfield, Connecticut.

NSC is a statewide development corporation that creates appropriate housing, with supportive services if necessary, for persons whose housing needs are not met in the market. NSC has an established performance record of building and managing superior non-profit housing.

NSC endeavors to create quality, affordable housing which breaks down barriers of race, disability, class and geography, and provides a foundation of human dignity.  By helping people create a stable environment, affordable housing can be an integral part of any community, and an essential component of successful towns and cities. Since its inception, NSC has developed housing for the elderly, non-elderly disabled, and low income families.

New Samaritan Corporation is affiliated with the follow entities:

  • Elderly Housing Management, Inc.;
  • New Samaritan Development Corporation;
  • Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

NSC and its affiliated organizations Elderly Housing Management, Inc., New Samaritan Development Corporation, and Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation share responsibilities for development, property management and other services for the elderly, family, supportive housing and special needs housing, specializing in regulated housing, including reporting and regulations compliance.